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For maximum impact, Budgetvue 1533 and 1520 will enhance your advertising. 

For backlit or interior applications, check our 24Vue and EconoVue transparent. PromoVue 1535 is your product for your mid to long term applications, TradeVue 1535 will satisfy your short term applications


For maximum visibility and security, check our ClassicVue 1550 or PromoVue 1540 DTC. It is good to be seen but also very important to see in all directions when driving a vehicle  on open roads  


Clear Focus offers a wide range of products for decorative purposes; 24Vue, EconoVue transparent,  Sunsecure and Polysee will pump up your glass decor if you choose not to use a traditional black/white film. 


Visuals on buildings are seen from far away and perforation should allow perfect visibility for personnel working in the building. Our ClassicVue has been a best seller for over 20 years. our PromoVue will 1535 work perfectly on shorter term applications if you decide that inside to outside visibility is not so important. 

You pioneered this product and we have been successful with it ever since. Thanks to your team for your experience and innovation over the years!

Gary Schellerer, ER2 Image Group



Founded in 1994, CLEAR FOCUS Imaging is the leading manufacturer of perforated, pressure-sensitive vinyl films for see-through window graphics. 

The company pioneered the affordable use of One Way Vision™ window graphics on buses around the world and has been at the forefront in opening up premium advertising space using existing printing methods.

The key to the company's success has been its focus on providing the highest quality products backed by unmatched customer service. 

We are committed to ongoing product innovation to meet the evolving needs of our customers, and to fully develop the potential of the One Way Vision market.

CLEAR FOCUS EUROPE is headquartered in Paris, France. CLEAR FOCUS Imaging, Inc. has its North American headquarters in Chicago, Illinois.

Its patented products are distributed globally.