ClearLam Pressure-sensitive Overlaminate


25u optically clear polyester, pressure-sensitive (cold) overlaminate with clear release liner.  


For use on CLEAR FOCUS One Way Vision exterior-mount window graphics and other graphics.

Note: Designed for use on flat surfaces only


Using roll-fed cold laminators; can also be applied manually to small imaged surfaces. 


Optical clarity, UV protection, water resistance, increased image life & attractive finish.
Rigid enough to span perforations. 
Can be cleaned with non-abrasive detergents without becoming cloudy. 


ClearLam is not recommended for use on graphics that will be mounted on curved surfaces. For graphics to be installed on a curved surface, we recommend applying CurvaLam, an overlaminate that conforms well to curved surfaces. For important information on laminating, including tips on using ClearLam, go to Laminating