For maximum impact, Budgetvue 1533 and 1520 will enhance your advertising. 

For backlit or interior applications, check our 24Vue and EconoVue transparent. PromoVue 1535 is your product for your mid to long term applications, TradeVue 1535 will satisfy your short term applications


For short to mid term applications, ideal if you want to maximize printed surface. A very versatile product  for all quality type of applications . 

BUDGETVUE 1533/ 1520

BudgetVue™ 1533 and 1520 are the solution for short-term applications. With its 70 or 80% print surface, which is the maximum among perforated window films, BudgetVue™ 1520 is ideal for close viewing and prints with very fine text and details. This film is not recommended for vehicle graphics because of reduced visibility

24 VUE

For POP, retail & commercial window graphics and all short-term indoor and outdoor applications where two-way visual communication is desired as well as a back lit effect


Our only non-perforated product for windows, glass doors, light boxes and other transparent. Ideally suited for point of purchase, retail and other advertising and promotional applications. 97% optically clear


For POP, retail and other graphics requesting interior mounting on windows, glass

doors and other transparent surfaces. Not recommended for use on tinted windows.



Easy to use and apply, like a Poster